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Buy More Get Discount

Seems logical the more you buy the lower your price. Unfortunately most website offer no discount system or a very simple one. We have developed a unique  discount system.

First Step.

At the product level you can change the quantity, the higher the quantity the lower the price.

Second Step.

If you buy the same product in different quantities, sizes or colours the shop will add these up and give a discount based on the total sq. meter.
For example If you buy 1 mat NBR Cotton 85x60 cm brown, than add another one size 85x150 black/white you will see a lower price for both items in your shopping cart.

Third Step.

Every product has a discount group. If you choose products from the same discount group these will be added together to get maximum discount.
For example buy a Aqua Trap mat size 90x150 (discount group NTN) than add a Rubber Brush Mat 80 x 100 (discount group NTN) you will see a lower price for both in the shopping cart after adding the Rubber Brush. You can also add a 3rd of 4th product from the same discount group.