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Bob Mats has been active is the sale, production and development of (logo) mats since 1990. Development is what makes us special.

Many years ago border of mats were cut by hand. Bob Mats innitiated the development of a camera system link to a cutting system to automatically cut the borders of floor mats. worldwide all majar mat manufacturers are now using these systems.

In 1999 we helped a Well Know German Manufacturer of Aluminium Entrance systems to startup their logo mat production. We selected the right yarn, dye formulas for good light and washfastness, what rubber to use and started the development of a machine that would enable them to offer a clean (yarn free) border.

Also in 1999 we developed a product that combines a hard monofilament and a soft heatset nylon. This white dyeable carpet has an increased brush action. Today many manufacturers are using this combination as high volume entrance carpet.

2005 we looked into rubber formulas for washable floormats. One of the problem in rippling of borders. Thru modification of the rubber formula we solved this problem. We are one of the few people worldwide that have knowledge about rubber formulas for washable mats.

2007 we introduced the world's first truely inkjet printable carpet. Using a new modified polyester called PTT we achieved brilliant colour and very good fastness of colours

2011 Having sold our products thru resellers (which we still do) we decided to start and webshop to offer quality floor mats to the end user and reseller. The internet makes is possible for customers thruout europe to search for products and look for the best quality for the lowest price.

We are not just antoher company opening up a website. We have been succesfully active since 1990. You can use our knowledge to buy quality mats.

We welcome resellers, we have special prices.